Is Emotional Healing Important ??


How important it is to do emotional healing!

How many of you can relate to not dealing with your emotions or shutting them down? As a child and growing to adulthood, Ioften made the choice to keep my feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy, and unworthiness locked inside myself rather than exploring these emotions as a source of feedback and a guide to elevating this state of negative thinking. At such times it is uplifting to say, “I am feeling my thinking,” and by doing so understand that if we change our thoughts that our feelings will change as our perception of reality changes.

Even more important is to note that only when we are aware of the impact of our thoughts can we then ask the question that moves us beyond our fixed thinking and to the root of ourthoughts, regardless of whether it’s a limited belief that we have impulsively carried and believed in for a long time or from a lack of self-honor and self-love .

When we allow thoughts to gain momentum they morph into a belief, which paves the way for an action or behavior to take place. Quite often the behavior becomes repetitive as we keep feeding the mind with the same thoughts that only reaffirm our existing belief system. This cycle will lead to more feelings that have to be suppressed and, hence, toxic residues are deposited in both our physical and psychological layers that eventually lead to inflammation and disease.

Therefore, the healing of all these suppressed emotions and feelings becomes a necessity before we can realize a healthy body or even have the physical body needed to respond to any command of dietary or lifestyle changes.

Remember that we are the end result of what thoughts we feed our mind; therefore, be aware of what you want to create in your life and feed your mind only the highest-reaching thoughts.

I address emotional healing in my Ayurvedic service as the first step of successfully attaining a happy mind, body, and soul.